SSMART and SIGNAAL HELLAS, offer a career full of challenges for people with high professional goals and skills



Quality policy

The most valuable asset of SSMART & SIGNAAL HELLAS is the expertise of its staff and the high quality outcome of its work



Quality: Guaranteeing our products

From their establishment the need for the delivery to the customer of products and services fulfilling the highest quality standards qualityuhas been recognised from the companies’ management. Within this framework all the processes are ISO 9001: 2008 certified as well as under the continuous scrutiny of our internal quality assurance / control department.

The Quality Management System – QMS of the companies covers the production and operations processes. Regular internal audits as well as audits conducted by customers and certification authorities’ verify the quality of the provided products and services. Companies’ management fully supports the established continuous process improvement procedure.

Signaal Hellas is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and AQAP 2210 for the requirements analysis, design, development and production, installation, integration, testing and maintenance of software applications. Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance is the certification authority.

SSMART is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and AQAP 2110 for the research, design, development and production of specialized defence units, provision of technical services related to defence and industrial systems including their modernization and overhaul up to and including factory level, their installation, integration and testing on ships and shore bases and provision of lLS, training and maintenance services. Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance is the certification authority.

Environmental Policy

SSMART and Signaal Hellas support the concept of sustainable development, i.e. company development in conjunction with the protection of the environment and natural resources. Within this framework both companies not only fully comply to Hellenic requirements and regulations, but supersede them through a additional actions, such as recycling and carbon footprint minimization. The environmental policy is continuously under evaluation and improvement.

Code of Conduct

In a time of increased regulation enforcement efforts, it is considered that robust compliance to legislation and ethics is integral to the operation of SSMART and Signaal Hellas. Our ability to operate according to regulations and sound ethics is considered as an asset and a competitive advantage.

The aim of the companies is to provide to our employees all the required tools and means enabling them to make correct and appropriate decisions quickly, as well as to make sure that they have an understanding of the national and international rules that govern our operations.

The Code of Conduct of SSMART and Signaal Hellas consist of the policies relating to the ethical and legal standards of conduct to be followed by the employees and representatives of the companies in the conduct of its business.