Overall Program Management , Combat System Integration and Delivery Services

In large complex defence programs, partners with the required regional know-how and complete system knowledge are often invaluable for guaranteeing a successful in time delivery of a turn-key project.

Since our establishment we have been specialising in undertaking program management of particular sections of large turnkey projects as well as undertaking combat system integration and delivery.

Combat System Integration (CSI) is the methodical application by experienced specialists of program management and engineering processes to obtain a harmoniously functioning system, resulting from the connection and intermeshing of all subsystems. This is done according to performance specs, operational requirements, schedule, and budget.

The integrator not only integrates subsystems with one another but ultimately integrates the combat system with the platform to obtain a complete system. This means that all the required functions are provided and integrated with respect to logistics, software, hardware, and personnel.

Our particular area of expertise is in the integration of radar, electro-optical sensors and electronic support systems (ESM) with combat management systems and effectors of platforms including: Supervision of Installation, Setting To Work (STW), Harbour Acceptance Test (HAT) or equivalent for land based platforms, System Integration Tests (SIT), Sea Acceptance Trials (SAT) or equivalent for land based platforms and Live Firing Trials (LFT)