Overhaul, Modernisation and System Maintenance

The life cycle of equipment in the defence market is purposefully long due to operational requirements and the high cost of R&D and production. In order to maintain or even improve the functionality of existing equipment while dealing with obsolescence issues it is imperative to properly maintain as well as periodically completely overhaul and modernise equipment.

As companies expand product ranges, and as governments increasingly focus the activities of their armed forces on core competencies, the need arises for specialised partners with the flexibility, know-how, expertise and competitiveness to undertake such tasks – SSMART is this partner.

In our specially constructed flexible facility we have ensured the existence of all required infrastructure as well as specially trained personnel to undertake almost any overhaul, repair or modernisation requirements for defence systems in cooperation always with the original equipment manufacturer. In addition to this we offer complete offsite technical assistance and repair capabilities, 24hours a day seven days a week, creating a strategically located regional centre of excellence.

Complete testing facilities are also available including but not limited to: functional tests, antenna testing, roll and pitch servo testing, alignment, air tightness, insertion loss measurements, VSWR measurements, TV camera checks, rain tests and other microwave measurements