Integrated Logistic Support

Logistic support is one of the largest problems facing the modern day defence industry and Armed Forces. As product ranges increase and technology is continuously updated and replaced, it is all the more necessary to ensure users are properly trained, documentation is always up to date and spare parts and technical assistance are always available on tap.

SSMART’s state-of-art training centre offers a blended learning approach, combining theory, simulation and hands-on experience to ensure users are always 100% capable of using today’s ever more complex systems and technology. Apart from initial operator and maintainer training courses, refresher courses are also provided, effectively dealing with personnel turnover.

SSMART’s training centre boasts individual simulators for each system, capable of simulating numerous platforms as well as providing concurrent interoperability and netcentric training capabilities.

Currently these services are being provided concerning Thales Nederland’s TACTICOS Combat Management System and Imtech Marine and Offshore’s Integrated Platform Management System.