Small, specialised lines of production common in the defence industry and custom modifications required by the armed forces mean it is often costly or impossible to carry out all production in-house.


Overhaul, Modernisation and System Maintenance

The life cycle of equipment in the defence market is purposefully long due to operational requirements and the high cost of R&D and production. In order to maintain or even improve the functionality of existing equipment while dealing with obsolescence issues it is imperative to properly maintain as well as periodically completely overhaul and modernise equipment.


Overall Program Management , Combat System Integration and Delivery Services

In large complex defence programs, partners with the required regional know-how and complete system knowledge are often invaluable for guaranteeing a successful in time delivery of a turn-key project.


Integrated Logistic Support

Logistic support is one of the largest problems facing the modern day defence industry and Armed Forces. As product ranges increase and technology is continuously updated and replaced, it is all the more necessary to ensure users are properly trained, documentation is always up to date and spare parts and technical assistance are always available on tap.